Margaret Kessel

Less (very minimal) vascular tenderness in legs.

Shayla Jolly

Losing weight plus feeling less tired, energy level is improving, no real desire for napping. =) Decreased pain in body upon waking up or during exercise!

Cheryl Fausnacht

“Lost 6 pounds and can actually live without breads or sweets!

Gloria Contreras, Austin

Thank you for this excellent wellness program. I would not have participated in the program if it wasn’t for my sister, and I am very pleased that I joined Dr. Madden’s program. My top four issues/problems were (prioritized) 1. General body pain 2. Sleeplessness 3. Allergies 4. Overweight. After six months I am very happy and satisfied with the results of this lifestyle change that I never believed I could ever achieve (eating without bread!). I have improved in all of the above mentioned areas and am thankful to Dr. Madden and his staff. I have changed many of my bad habits but not all, to tell you the truth. Still the improvement is wonderful and I plan to continue with this cellular healing diet although I’m not 100% on target. I still love bread, desserts, and wine! Thank you!!

Lynne Crow

Lost 28 pounds, feel great!

Eva Garcia

Lost total of 20 lbs. now, easier to choose food/diet regimen, less aches of joints and fogginess.

Eva Garcia

Lost total of 20 lbs. now, easier to choose food/diet regimen, less aches of joints and fogginess.

Ruth Neisler (Middle of detox)

Feel all around pretty preppy, no problems with constipation at all! 6 pounds off, wahoo!! Gone!

Keith Moore

Feeling GREAT and dropped about 18 pounds!

Lynne Crow

Lost 28 pounds, feel great!

Anita martin 1/13/2016 (21 days into curriculum)

No prescription sleep meds other than melatonin, sleep through the night, toes not numb, pain level way down, memory better, and hot flashes better!

Henrietta Mitchell, Round Rock, TX

No more blood pressure medication and no more “flutters.” Loss of body fat and cellulite. Loss of 25 pound. I feel better about my general health and well-being.

Yvonne Tang

Sleep better finally! Lost few more pounds.

Shayla Jolly

Feeling on top of the world!

Margaret Kessel

Less (very minimal) vascular tenderness in legs.

Julie Martin

Noticeable appearance improvement!

Darwin Machu

I discontinued one blood pressure pill (doctor’s orders). I have lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, and lowered my blood sugar levels.

(20 days into curriculum) – Anna Huebel

Reduced glipizide to avoid low blood sugar, and I have increased stamina.

Bill Mills

I lost 15 pounds during the first 20 days of the curriculum.

Wayne Skrhak

Weight loss, feel better, sleeping better, ED seems to be better and reduced A1c from 5.7 to 5.4.

Laura Carrasco

Less insulin and lost few pounds also!

Yvonne Tang

Sleeping improvement, yes!

Yvonne Tang

Sleep better finally! Lost few more pounds.

Patricia Leger

Loss of 18 pounds and blood pressure medication lowered by Doctor. Now only taking one blood pressure medication.

Patricia Leger

Angelina Urista

Sleeping better, less foggy.

Felicita Carlin

Pot belly is getting smaller. LoL! Insulin is down from 15 mL to 6 mL.

Pete Carrasco, Round Rock

Better diet, lost 17-20 pounds, feel a little better, checking my blood pressure daily with improvement, discontinued lisiniprol during detox.

Cheryl Maddux

Starting to reduce again, total loss 21 pounds since November 1st – joints feel better!

Kerry Tschoerner

Since November 2, 2015 (3 months) I have gone down 4 pant sizes and 1 full dress size.

Sherri Williams

Lost 30 lbs.Yah!!! 30 more to go! Sleeping better, knees feel good!.


Gary Eaton, Round Rock

I am completely off all my Diabetes medications and blood pressure medications in the first 17 days of the program.

Robert Montoya, Pflugerville, TX

Lost 26 lbs. and 1″ off my waist in the first 6 weeks. No more diabetes drugs, blood sugar is down to 104 and my A1c is down to 6.3. My triglycerides are now normal too.

Eva Garcia

Age spots on my face have vanished 95% and my energy level keeps getting better, the weight is also melting off!

John Barrera, Round Rock, TX

I have decreased my weight as well as my insulin. My A1c went from 7.1 to 5.9 in a month’s time.

Robert MacKelvey, Austin, TX

I am down to 265 lbs. from 304, I am completely off Lipitor and Metaphormine. In addition to all this, my back pain has lessened and my glucose levels are consistently at 99-100.

Zach Taylor, Austin, TX

I have lost 15 lbs., my blood sugar levels are down to 109, and my Doctor has dropped one of my prescriptions and cut one in half.


Cynthia Graves, Pflugerville

Weight loss and my clothes are loose now! I am off estrogen completely and cutting down my Synthroid to ½ dose every other day!

Howard Stier, Austin, TX

As stated in the beginning, weight loss of 19 lbs., start of new hair growth, and less to no hair loss. Clear in the head, no brain fog, and the stop in inflammation.

Keith Martin

15 pounds loss, no insulin, blood sugar down to 118 after eating. (Starting glucose was 336).

Rich Heffern

Lost weight, eliminated all medications, good energy.

Rose Galaviz, Austin

Energy, energy! I feel a lot better about myself, not been as forgetful, falling asleep easy and feeling that even when I wake up I can go right back to sleep.

Terri Scott

Discontinued my Thyroid Medication 1 ½ months into the curriculum.

Ernestina Cadena, Austin, TX

My energy level is great. I feel well rested. I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss of 30 pounds. I’m no longer taking my thyroid medication!